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Legion Run Bulgaria 2017

Малко кадри от тазгодишния Legion Run, беше доста фън:


Summer memories

Last week I didn’t have any time to publish new photos or even to take new 😦 And I might be without my laptop for a few days, so I decided to publish few photographs from the last summer during our vacation in Sozopol with my husband 🙂
The following photos are one of my first attempts to make panoramas and i did them using HDR! 🙂

So the first is taken on the rooftop of our hotel early in the morning:

And this one is the most successful panorama from that trip 🙂

Well, I think it got very nice!

After being by the sea for a few days we went to my hometown – Dobrich to see my parents. And in the countryside of the town there are a lot of field with wheat, corn and etc., so while driving one day with my dad I saw this:

So I was determined that we had to stop the car and photograph it!

And while being there I took a few shots of my brother also 🙂

So, I look forward for this summer, now that I have a little more experience in shooting panoramas! 🙂