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Семейни моменти – парк Камбаните


Our wedding

Както обещах наскоро, ето и снимки от сватбата ни със Марто. 🙂

Снимките са правени от Тодор Цветков, а украсата, цветята, прическата ми – от Поли.

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The Zone!

Inspired by the resent photos of the The S.T.A.L.K.E.R.’s coin, I decided to venture deeper into the Zone. And because the Zone is a dangerous place I took a few companions – Strangera; SPY and Bloody. 😀

Check the exclusive photos from the first adventure of our STALKERs!

You can find more photos in Bloodys blog.

The „Strangest“ band!

I was tossing some ideas for a photosession with Strangera and we got this… strange idea – Let’s make a music band photosesion, but because we don’t have any instruments (even for Guitar Hero 🙂 ) let’s use the gaming periphery for this purpose…

And that’s how we created the „strangest band“… So meеt the groupe:

The FrontMan:

He is using Razer Naga EPIC and… a broom. 😀

The DJ:
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