The „Strangest“ band!

I was tossing some ideas for a photosession with Strangera and we got this… strange idea – Let’s make a music band photosesion, but because we don’t have any instruments (even for Guitar Hero 🙂 ) let’s use the gaming periphery for this purpose…

And that’s how we created the „strangest band“… So meеt the groupe:

The FrontMan:

He is using Razer Naga EPIC and… a broom. 😀

The DJ:

He is playing from Razer Ferox and Razer Orca conected to iPod touch 2g via Belkin Rockstar.

But his music taste is, let’s say, a little bit strange… Most of his music is from the collectors edition of Bioshock 2 – Collectors Edition

The bass player: This guy is a total freak…

Playing on Razer BlackWidow Ultimate that has a very specific „clicking“ sound vibe.

And the solo guitar dude:

Razer Lycosa & Razer Orca

And the Stranger himself:

Hope you liked it! 🙂


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