And… GO!


My name is Gratsiela Toneva and since everyone has a personal blog these days and blogging looks fun, i decided to make my own!

And since I love taking photos i decided that this is the thing I will share here with you – all the great, good and not so good photos i  take. So, any critic is welcome, but don’t push it too much 😀 I’m still learning and trying to „get the best“ out of my mistakes.

At the begging I thought I wanted to study professionally photography at an university. I applied a couple of times, but wasn’t admitted. And, later I realize I don’t want this. Currently I work something else, which is great, cause I use my free time to enjoy photographing, without having anyone to push me, just doing what I can and as much as I can!

This is on one hand. On the other  I can say I’m married to a great guy – Marto Tonev (Strangera)!  Also, I have two cats, who of course I adore 😀 At last, but not least I have a brother, Venci, who is also very passionate about photography and we have a lot of fun together. My other brother – Blago, though is teaching me boxing!! 😛

So, i hope you enjoy every second/minute/hour O_o spend here!


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